• The Painting Is Me

    This project is about absence, discomfort, the decisions that a family member takes and how that decision inevitably reflects onto the whole family.

    We make decisions and we need to accept the consequences resulting from our commitment. Even not to make a decision is a decision itself.

    Starting from old pictures of my childhood, I created new memories for my 'new' family. The title is inspired by a difficult situation between my father and me.

  • The Switch She Touched

    This project is about the history of my family, my roots, and mostly about the pictures I have never taken of them. My father’s family is from a little town in Sardinia, my grandparents were farmers and since they died, 20 years ago, I had never been back there.

    I have always had a passion for photography but I was too little to have a camera, therefore my memories are extremely linked to the pictures my father was taking. When I was there I photographed each member of my family, but only in my mind because they have all died, the only thing I could photograph was the house and the land, which were exactly as they were 20 years ago. Everything was left as it was and I could still see my grandmother baking bread, my grandfather opening the door, or my uncle with his animals.

    This series of portraits have no physical subjects in them. This series of portraits have no physical subjects in them, only for the who that don't want to see them.

  • Silent Moments

    This project is about gay stereotypes, how images have modified the perception of the LGBT community throughout years. It highlights the link between stereotypes and reality, and how gay community refuses to be categorized but at the same time how their behaviour creates stereotypes on themselves. Stereotypes are everywhere and they exist because they are based on something real.
    Pictures have been taken with a compact analogue camera to capture silent moments in a gay dance club.
    Sometimes taking the risk is the key of success and taking pictures of an unaware subject is the only way to describe the true behaviour and lifestyle.
  • Kawai

    TV, fashion stylists, photographers, advertising, images, who is the most powerful of these to decide what is ‘beautiful’ and what is not? How and when beauty standards were set up?

    We are all subjected to beauty, and images we see every day are powerful enough to influence our perceptions as consumers. Our vision of beauty is often changing but it is strongly attached to our unconscious memory. This concept perfectly merges with an unexpected encounter with a ‘beautiful’ guy: a beautiful pianist.

    Expressed through photography it is one of the most complex contemporary debates. This is only possible if founded on a real story, a spontaneous documentary inspired from emotions.

  • Public Toilets

    What happens when a photographer hides a camera in one of the most intimate places we can be in?

    He might need to run away or defend himself from attacks, but the result is surprising. Stolen images in a public space which is so private and intimate that can cause a furious reaction.

    Often photographers don't ask for permission to take a picture, they steal a moment in the present to make it live for good.